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1. My Great, Great, Great-Grandfather Robert Scott b. 15 October 1770, VA, d. 1 June 1841, VA1,2

He married Elizabeth Croft before 1809, b. 16 January 1790, d. 8 June 1871

Their Children:

  1. Robert Scott b. 1 March 1809, d. April 18741
    m. Margaret Jane Cutlip abt 19 February 18443
  2. My Great, Great-Grandfather John Scott b. 16 January 1812, d. 18 December 18711
  3. James Scott b. 13 October 1813, d. 18 December 18811
  4. Sabina Scott b. 1 October 1815, d. 29 September 19061
    m. Andrew Brown December 1840 1,3
  5. Polly Scott b. 31 October 1817, d. 7 September 18271
  6. Elizabeth Scott b. 4 January 1820,  d. 19 November 18621,2
    m. John Morrison February 18421,3
  7. Catherine Scott b. 4 March 1822, d. 26 April 18921
    never married
  8. Cyrus Scott b. 8 August 1824, d. 14 March 18851
  9. Thomas Scott b. 15 March 1827, d. 15 September 18271
  10. Moses Scott b. 15 March 1827, d. 17 September 1911 [Thomas and Moses were twins.]1
  11. Anna S. Scott b. 28 February 1830, d. 15 July 18521
  12. Martha Scott b. 11 September 1832, d. September 19081
    m. George Lowdermilk abt 18 May 18574
    Had one son who lived in Oklahoma

 End notes: 1. "Scott Family Record" by Anna R. Edminster, 1859. From what I can determine this record is fairly accurate. Edminster claimed to get her information directly from her Grandfather, Charles B. Scott who was the son of John
2. Federal Census of North Greenbrier County, [West] Va., 1840]
3. Pocahontas County, Virginia (Now West Virginia) Marriage Bonds 1822-1852 and Minister Returns 1822-1871, Complied and published by James E. Wooddell and Rita Wooddell, 1988
4. Greenbrier County Marriages 1782-1900, volume II, transcribed and complied by Larry G. Shuck, Iberian Publishing Co., Athens, Georgia



My Great, Great-Grandfather John Scott (son of Robert Scott) b. 16 January 18121 d. 18 December 18711 or 11 November 18712

He married Easter Erwin 30 May 1833 in Greenbrier County, WV3. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Margaret Erwin of Greenbrier County4

Their Children:

  1. Elizabeth Katherine Scott b. 26 April 18345 d. 3 August 1879 in Putnam Co., Missouri5  m. Arthur McClure 12 August 1856 in Greenbrier Co, [W] VA3
  2. Robert William Scott b.3 April 18366 d.10 August 19126 m. Sarah Elizabeth Staats Bonnett, daughter of Elijah Staats, widow of Nicholas Bonnett, 3 November 18606,7
  3. My Great-grandfather Charles Benjamin Scott b. 15 December 18388 in Greenbrier or Pocahontas Co, [W] VA, d.7 April 1924 in Mabton, WA8 m. Sarah Ann Bonnett daughter of Nicholas Bonnett Jackson County [W] VA on 24 October 18617  
  4. Margaret Louisa Scott b. 6 January 1841 or 18429,10  d. 28 November 192110 in Clarkston,  Asotin County,WA  m. Edward/Edwin D. Cheuvront 14 April 1867 at the home of John Scott in Jackson Township, Sullivan Co, MO11
  5. Nancy Jane Scott b. 31 January 184412 d. 15 April 1930 in Green Valley, WA12  Nancy never married.
  6. James Alexander Meade Scott b. 11 April 184712 d. 4 May 1935 at Outlook, WA12  m. Missouri Catharine McNiely 1 May 1873 in Sullivan Co. MO.11
  7. Ann Eliza Scott b. 8 June 184913 d. 18 April 1835 in Milan, Sullivan Co., MO13 m. Arthur Elliot Sears 2 April 1871 at Milan, Sullivan Co, MO.13
  8. Caroline H. Scott b. 17 January 185214 d. 11 January 1874 in Sullivan Co., MO14 
  9. John Asbury Scott b. 1854. d. aft 1835 probably in Spokane, WA. m. Sadie???15

[Note: All of John and Easter's children were probably born in Greenbrier or Pocahontas County, [W] VA.]


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15. John Asbury Scott was mentioned in the "Scott Family Record". He was mentioned in family correspondence and the granddaughter of Ann Eliza remembers letters from John. He is found in the 1860 Jackson Co, [W] VA census and the 1870 Sullivan Co, MO census with the John Scott family. It is reported that John lived in Spokane, WA and died after Ann Eliza died.



My Great-Grandfather Charles Benjamin Scott b. 15 December 18381 d. 7 April 19241  

He married Sarah Ann Bonnett in Jackson County, [W] VA 24 October 18612 . She was the daughter of Nicholas Bonnett and Catharine (Staats) Bonnett.3 

Their Children:

  1. Inabell Scott b. 10 May 1862 at Mill Creek, Jackson Co, WV.4 d. 11 July 1958 in Coeur d' Alene, ID.5 m. William G. Ritchey 13 October 1881 in Whitman County, WA.6

  2. Lena Scott b. 10 January 1864 in Jackson County, WV.7  d. 18 June 1883 in Whtiman Co, WA8 m. John B. Stormer on 29 October 1882 in Whitman County, WA.9

  3. John Scott b. 24 December 1865 in Putman Co., MO.7 d. 29 October 1870 in Putman County, MO10 

  4. Maud Scott b. 8 November 1868 in Putman Co, MO7 d. 22 April 1893 in Walla Walla, WA and buried in Farmington,WA7,11  m. Frank Edwin McQueen on 31 May 1891 at Latah, Spokane Co., WA.12 

  5. Laura Scott b. 19 February 18707 or 187113 in Putman Co., MO. d. 28 April 1944 at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA13 m. John Mitchell McLean on 23 October 1887 in Whitman County, WA14  

  6. Orphie Jane Scott b. 29 February 1872 in Putman Co., MO.7,15 d.3 December 1888.7,15

  7. Charles Lincoln Scott b. 18 January 1873 in Putman Co., MO16 d.22 October 1935 at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane.17  m. #1 Isabel Partrick 1 December 1895 in Whitman County, WA18. m. #2 Clarinda Casement Chapman in Yakima County, WA on 20 July 190717.

  8. Paul Scott b. 11 April 18757 d. 29 February 187610 

  9. Caroline Lorraine Scott b. 18 December 1876 in Humboldt County, CA.7,19 d. 26 April 1959 in Spokane, Spokane County WA.19 m. Grant Powell 5 July 1898 at Spokane.20 

  10. Ulysses Dow Scott b. 27 December 1878 in Arcata, Humboldt County, CA.21,22 d.9 February 1941 in Juliaetta, Latah County, ID23 m. Lydia Pearl Pierce 10 July 1900 at Lewiston, Nez Perce County, ID or Asotin, Asotin County, Washington.24 

  11. Jessie Scott b. 23 November 1880 in Whitman County, WA.7 d. 23 February 1857 in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada25 m. Edgar Granger Chapman 7,245

  12. Fredrick Sheridan Scott b. 18 December 1885 7,26 d. 8 January 1830 at Mt. Carmel Hospital in Colville, Stevens County, WA 26 m. Mary Pharo Bartlett 17 November 191527


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